A Song of Ice and Fire: Prediction Log

This is a log of just my predictive statements from Predicting Game of Thrones, with commentary excised and a "score" added for correct/incorrect predictions (as I get to them). I have grouped them by book; you can go back to the master page to see where I was reading along as I made each prediction. I tried to break down multi-part predictions into discrete elements.

A Game of Thrones
Ned dies, because of Baratheons. (True!)
Jon Snow is the secret son of Rhaegar and Lyanna.
A greater, supernatural threat is forthcoming.
Bran becomes a great wizard.
Arya becomes an unlikely female warrior.
Arya will eventually be forced to stab Sansa in the last couple books.
Jon will find out he's not actually a bastard.
Robb will be Jon's knight. (False! He's dead!)

Bran serves Jon as a wizard.
Arya serves Jon as a warrior.
Sansa learns to manipulate people in the drawing room and become a Diplomat (in this prediction I meant for Jon; later on I decide maybe for herself.)
Khal Drogo dies. (True!)
Daenerys invades things. (True!)
Starks, Lannisters, and others unite (at least temporarily) against the greater supernatural threat.
Sansa makes bad life decisions for a while.
Catelyn is a catastrophe magnet. (Non-specific, but I think we can agree TRUE!)
Robert's oldest bastard turns up with one of the Stark girls later. (True! Mya Stone and Sansa!)
Everyone who is a king at the end of Book I dies. (Robb, Renly, Joffrey) (True!)
Catelyn does something magical, probably from having too many catastrophes related to her children. (True!)
Rickon survives Book II. (True!)
Tyrion bets against his family and kills them. (True! At least for Tywin. We will see with Cersei.)
Cersei outlives Jaime.
Cersei dies.
Jaime dies.
Sir Jorah is dishonored.
Shae is bad news for Tyrion. (True!)
Theon is terrible and Bran is correct not to trust him. (True!)
At the end of the series, Bob Newhart wakes up and it was all just a really weird dream.

A Clash of Kings
A plague occurs.
Sansa and Tyrion have a relationship and true (or "true") love. (True!)
Sansa learns about how Appearances Aren't Reality.
Varys is playing a long game for the Targaryn.
Varys's penis was cut off in Essos. (True!)
Yoren will die by the end of the book. (True!)
Melisandre is sleeping with multiple people.
Sansa will be the compromise queen who unites the factions and continues the line. (My first prediction as to the eventual "winner" of the game of thrones.)
Littlefinger survives at least five books.
Stannis dies.
Gendry becomes a heroic knight.
Hodor dies protecting Bran.
Hodor's death helps Bran come fully into his magic.
Bad Bran decisions as a result of Hodor's death help trigger the final confrontation.
Bran gains new steely dead-Hodor-related resolve to do what must be done.
Varys's "Little Birds" are servants, mostly young ones.
Daenerys frees some slaves. (True!)
Bran becomes Lord Stark at least technically. (True!)
True Northmen hide in the crypt at Winterfell. (True! Thought it would be an army but it was Bran!)
Jon will join the Wildlings. (True! But that was way quicker than I thought!)
Ser Courtney Penrose probably comes up later in a plot-important fashion. (True! He turns up importantly dead. I rather thought it'd be in the next book, but nope, pretty quick.)
Robb dies in a moment of triumph at a feast. Lots of others die with him. (True!)
Aegon is Jon.
Melisandre is more powerful than before because of a rising tide of magic in the world.
Danerys's dragons woke because of a rising tide of magic in the world.
Someone flays Theon. (True! Yay!)
Robb breaks his marriage agreement with the Freys. (True! Dumb Robb.)
Robb is dead by the end of Book II. False!
Theon is not actually dead. (True!)
Weasel (the toddler) turns up alive. This is not actually a prediction I just will be mad if she doesn't.
There's a zombie army. (True!)
Rickon is a sociopath.

Note: I think I should have predicted that Jon would have to kill Qhorin Halfhand -- it was well-signposted in the narrative and beautifully inevitable when it occurred, I would like to mark it a Miss because it seems so obvious in retrospect. 
A Storm of Swords
Catelyn kills Jaime.
Someone gets a nose chopped off at a wedding.
Davos turns on Stannis.
Rhaegar found a prophecy, then decided to become a warrior.
Ser Jorah is one of the three betrayers of Dany.
Jon's wolf will howl at a moment of great importance.
Rickon will die.
Jeyne works for Tywin. (True, I think? Not sure if confirmed.) (Well, her parents did.)
Zombie Catelyn kills Jaime.
The guy in the armor when Jaime has a knighthood tournament is Lyanna, Rhaegar, or Robert.
Melisandre's theology will have issues with Dany's light/fire powers.
Stannis is not Azor Ahai.
Gendel's tunnels come back later.
Beric Dondarrion is more magic than Stannis.
Bran loves Meera.
Edmure's wedding will end in horrible tragedy and murder. (Super-true!)
Ygritte is going to die. (True!)
Chalice kills somebody. (True! Joffrey! So excited!)
Miss: should have predicted: Joffrey tried to have Bran killed.
Miss: should have predicted: Sir Loras is gay.
Barristan tells Dany her brother's secrets too late.
Missandei betrays Dany. (I am 50/50 on this.)
Ser Jorah will return to bite Dany in the ass.
Jaime goes to the Wall to fight.
Jon won't accept Winterfell from Stannis. (True!)
Miss: should have predicted: Dead Tywin.

A Feast for Crows
Many crows in this book both real and Night Watch. False! Hardly any Night Watch OR crows!
More dead people who aren't dead.
Arya gets to kill Cersei. (Actually, I no longer think this, I think Jaime does it to close out his redemption arc.)
Jaime kills Cersei.
Jaime outlives Cersei slightly in order to kill her (contradict first GoT prediction).
Brienne's new arms (castle with shooting star, I think?) come from someone significant.
Arianne is a liar.
Arianne does not want to marry Arys Oakheart. (Imma call it True!)
Tyrion turns up in the east with Dany. (True!)
The Golden Companions are hired by Stannis with the promise of allowing them to settle on The Gift. (They are going West but not for Stannis, I think.)
Jaime helps make a king later.
The Onion Knight (Davos) is not dead. (True! How right can I be?)
Gendry is a love interest for Brienne.
Brienne is not dead. (True!)
Podrick is not dead. (True!)
Jaime, Cersei, and Margaery all survive this trial by the crazy new septon.
A woman takes Riverrun from Emmon.
Arya loses herself to the Faceless Whatsits.
Mind-bonding with Nymeria recalls Arya to herself.

A Dance with Dragons
The Three-Eyed Crow is a Night Watch guy with some kind of "sight."
Quentyn is going to die. (True!)
Griff is not Rhaegar's son.
Benjen Stark isn't permanently lost.
The Mountain isn't dead. (True!)
The Hound isn't dead.
Tyrion will become Dany's advisor/servant.
Tyrion will help save Meereen.
Jon is not Azor Ahai.
Some magic horn wakes "sleepers"/dead people to help humans against The Others.
Miss: Able is Mance.
Jon Snow is not dead.
Wildlings save Jon Snow.
Cersei doesn't die at the trial.
Margaery doesn't die at the trial.
Stannis is not dead.
Dany is fertile again.
Some kind of Drogo-lite returns to Dany.

And The Next Book!

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